Hey man It's me, Imani Taylor

This isn't a joke page I swear.

I like to consider myself as an artist, and I draw stuff for a hobby. I currently don't have much of an idea of what I'm going to be when I grow up, but I would prefer if it had to do with video games and, you know, art. :^) (I also don't know how to correctly use emojis, but I think I did that right)

I've drawn for a small video game project, and I also volunteer to draw for a restaurant my brother works at so I can get free food because I'm too young. So if you know any neat restaurants looking for artists, you should hit me up

Here's all of my art from the past few months to a year:

I mean, it's not all of it, but its the art I'm most proud of. (Don't watch with the sound on, I didn't set up any music

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Imani Taylor

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