Paul Strand

Born in October 16, 1890 And Died in March 31, 1976

style of photography he used was American Moderism

Paul Strand work for Lewis Hine , and introduced him into Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Weston

Paul Strand was one of the first to use the candid-Camera technique and was used Mamiya 330 twins-lens

He used such soft focus and took his photo's by using gum bi generating the light Elements of the images and dark

Paul Strands was in between two popular photographic people Alfred and Lewis there were his people he look up too but they both presented nearly opposite styles of photography they had that made him interested

Paul strand was the only child and lived in New York city at a High School called Ethical Fieldstone and he had a class taught by Lewis Hine a pioneer in the field of photojournalism.

Was a child of bohemian-jewish descents and enjoyed his Mid-class jewish life.

Paul Strand was a American photographer and film-maker and was fellow's with Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Weston working with them while establishing photography as an Art form.

Paul Strand took this photo of Harold Green Gard in Connecticut in 1916

This photo that Paul Strand took was in Italy of this girl and named it Tailors Apprentice

I chose Paul strand because, his black and white portraits caught my eye when i looked up what he was know for and it was because he discovered intrinsic capability's of large format camera's know as Straight Photography

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