EarthQuakes By:mazin

Earthquakes cause a lot of damage but mostly in Asia. All of the dots on the Agency map are all the places that earthquakes damaged.
even though earthquakes happen all around the world,some countries have more than others. here are some we found:
here are some earthquake photos we found.
Indonesia, turkey , Mexico, el Salvador, Pakistan, Philippines , India and nepal
all things about earthquakes are interesting but here are some new ones you might not know
did you know these?


Created with images by NGi - "stone wall natural stone crack" • kelleymcd - "Nov 2011 Central OK Earthquakes" • Angelo_Giordano - "earthquake rubble collapse" • Angelo_Giordano - "earthquake rubble collapse" • marcellomigliosi1956 - "earthquake earthquake italy norcia" • marcellomigliosi1956 - "earthquake earthquake italy norcia"

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