Nature on Display

The exhibit that really captured my attention was the butterfly rainforest. Being able to truly immerse myself in the environment that the butterflies flourish in benefited my learning experience much more than that of reading an article about them or looking at photos. It was mesmerizing to see how the butterflies are able to interact when there is not much else influencing their lives such as humans or other predators besides birds. I loved how close the butterflies were able to get to me and how I was able to take the time to look at each one and notice how they differ from one another. I actually spent so much time in the exhibit that my friend had to drag me out of there.

Nature and Ethics

The Florida Natural History Museum had an exhibit on conservation called "Home Sweet Home" that I feel relates well to this topic. While is was not an experience that immersed museum-goers in nature, it gave us a more blunt perspective on how we need to be more careful about how much energy we use and how careless we are about the environment. This exhibit was set up as a house, with interactive activities that show us how much energy we use with common things we do in our own household. It showed us how to be more conservative with things from light usage all the way to the kind of food we eat. This exhibit opened my eyes to the ways I am acting careless towards the environment without meaning to, and from the reactions I heard from other people walking through the exhibit, they felt the same way.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum allowed us to step out of our own lives by putting us in the past. There were many exhibits there including that of the people that inhabited Florida before the Europeans came and colonized it. There was also an exhibit on the animals that used to roam the land and swim the waters of Florida before evolving into something else. These exhibits help us better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by putting us in the past and allowing us to see what life was like before we came and changed everything. For example, in the picture with the two leaders of two different tribes, you can see an exchange of exotic goods between two noblemen, with them evaluating the pieces, and onlookers observing the exchange.

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