Task 5: Typography Lyric Video Brainstorming

Artist: Sonreal, Song: Hot Air Balloon

Why: The reason that this song works in a typography lyric video is that it is first of all, a very good song and second, it has interesting lyrics that would be fun to interpret into images and moving text

Artist: Stan Bush, Song: Dare, The Touch

Why: I chose this song because the lyrics are very moving and it's pace means that there is plenty of time to flesh out each word's visuals (applies for both)

Artist: The Killers, Song: For Reasons Unknown

Why: For Reasons Unkown, hahahaahahahahahaahhaaahhahaahhahahah.The lyrics could be very easily visualized and it has a great guitar rift so that's good

Artist: Thundamentals, Song: Everyone We Know

Why: It is an interesting song with lyrics and instruments that collaborate well together and these attributes would create a good typography lyric video

Artist: Arctic Monkeys, Song: Do I Wanna Know?

This song has lots of metaphors in its lyrics and combined with is slow pace it would be easily visualized in a typography lyric video

Task 3: Design Brief

To design a typography style music video for a song of our choice, implementing various skills learnt along the way in Adobe After Effects to create a polished and professional music video


The substitution of words into symbols used to convey ideas and/or qualities

Symbols are important for a multitude of differing reasons. This includes the fact that many of them are universally recognized and therefore do not need translation, this can be extremely helpful when warnings are put in places such as areas where tourists may be visiting. Another reason is that it allows brands and groups to be recognized by masses and easily remembered while also sustaining the individualism of their brand. Symbols are also important because of the ideas and qualities that they promote which can strengthen messages and clarify world issues

1. Target Audience

The target audience for my project is any gender from ages 10 onwards who are fans of the rap/hip-hop genre. The song choice reflects this genre and the visuals simplistically accompany the song meaning that anyone who enjoys the song can enjoy the video. 10 was chosen as the entry level as any younger may not be able to fully understand or enjoy both the visuals and the song, gender doesn’t have an effect on the effect of the visuals so it is not a necessary factor.

2. Aesthetics

The aesthetics of my typography assignment are limited to a single font and simplistic black png icons that replace or accompany key words. This is because it forms a distinctive and professional style that is present through the video. It removes any pixilation that may otherwise be present and leaves more room for stylised uses of the simple pieces that make up the video. These stylised uses are present in the form of key framed animations and specific placements of each image and text which add to the meaning of the video and create visual flow that seamlessly progressives from one line to the next. The background is at majority a gradient of white in the middle to a grey outline although it occasionally fades or transitions into black when necessary. The white gradient is a supportive background choice that doesn’t clash or compete with the text or images. The switches to black are only used twice, at first to build suspense and follow the theme change at the start of the song and secondly to visually represent night.

3. Skills learnt throughout the project

This project has left me with much more extensive knowledge of the After Effects workspace. This includes the animations that can be accomplished by key framing objects in the composition including the camera layer and the interconnectivity between multiple Adobe products. I have also progressed my ability to represent information in visually pleasing ways through discovering and implementing various effective and sometimes ineffective visual techniques into the final video and the tasks leading up to it.

4. Section most enjoyable

The most enjoyable section of this project was by far and away, the creation of the typography assignment. Although the development of the various skills required for the project and the planning stages were fun, they enjoyment and satisfaction of developing new skills to replicate constantly forming ideas fuelled by repeated listening of the exact same lyrics. Spending multiple hours on the same sequence of text while discovering new uses of the same tools and being able to look back one the single line has been created to see the same visual that I’ve been repeatedly replaying through your head. Another element that only added to the enjoyment of the creation of the typography video was the support of surrounding peers who all represent their own style and skillset and help bring sections of their work to my own video through watching the development of their videos and the personal assistance that everyone is constantly willing to share.

5. Improvements for the future

Overall this project was extremely successful, in saying that, the only thing that I would have changed is more time put towards developing the project as it was the most fun part and was very time consuming, it also had the biggest contribution to my knowledge of after effects from peer support and lots of trial and error

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