Term 2 Week 3

Shabbat Commences 5.14pm/Shabbat Terminates 6.08pm

New Year 12 Common Room

The Year 12s have started to use the Inaugural Year 12 Common Room. I have been impressed with their tenacity in campaigning for their own special place, as well as their willingness to put in their own time and effort in the preparation of rules and duty rosters. Let’s hope this can be a positive place for well-deserved social and recreation time.

Year 12 relaxing in their Common room

Cyber Safety Evening

On Wednesday night Carmel School hosted Clinical Psychologist Jordan Foster from Y-Safe to talk to parents about cyber safety for our kids. Her presentation was highly engaging, especially her evaluation of the risks posed by particular social media applications most commonly used by young people. I witnessed many jaws dropping when Jordan explained that one particular application was essentially the equivalent of “Tinder for Teens”!! Not only did Jordan alert us to the dangers, she then proceeded to provide us with practical and achievable strategies to use in the home that can help keep families safe and in control regarding our on-line presence. For parents who attended this event, Jordan generously sends a “Cyber Safety Pack” jammed full of professional and valuable resources to use with our families.

At Carmel School, we address cyber safety issues in a variety of ways. As Deans of Students, Chris Hall and myself often become aware of problems amongst Carmel School students due to inappropriate on line communication and we work closely with the students involved to help them communicate on line more safely and respectfully. Cyber bullying is also addressed in the Health Education curriculum and may be the topic of discussion at Year Group meetings.

For parents who were unable to attend the evening and would like more information, you can go to Jordan’s website to access valuable resources.

If you contact Jordan via the website and explain you are a Carmel School parent, she has said she is happy to send you the cyber safety pack free of charge. Further, the evening concluded with a presentation by Kurt Baeten, a Technical Solutions Executive from the company Trend Micro. Kurt spoke about ways to boost the cyber security in your home and protect against the threats of Ransomware and other serious problems. Kurt is generously offering a discount of 40% to Carmel families on this impressive technology. If you are interested in these products and services please contact Kurt on the email address below

Jordan Foster from Y-Safe

Year 11 Politics and Law

This week Year 11 Politics and Law students Gila Cherny and Judd Behr were lucky enough to attend a talk by Dr Anne Aly, MP. Dr Aly has an extremely impressive background in public service, specialising in counter terrorism, which has seen her regularly advising the United Nations and even meeting with Barack Obama. Dr Aly spoke passionately about studying what you love to work towards making a positive difference in the world. She is a member of the House of Representatives for the Labor Party, and it was extremely inspiring to hear to explain how she works constructively with committed parliamentarians from all sides of politics.

Dr Aly took special interest in our Carmel students. As a Muslim women committed to diffusing misunderstanding and tension regarding minority groups, she explained that she enjoys working closely with Jewish people in Canberra. In fact, she had only just returned from study trip to Israel! I am extremely proud of Gila and Judd for making the time in their busy schedules to attend this event. They were certainly glad that they did!

English Department News

Mikolot Speech Competition

Semi Final Speech Night Tuesday May 16

All members of the Carmel community are encouraged to attend the Mikolot Semi Final Speech Night, which is on Tuesday, May 16, from 6:30-8:30 in the BT Hall.

The Year 10 students have been participating in the Mikolot Speech Competition over the past several weeks.

About the Mikolot Competition


Supported by the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), the public speaking competition, Mikolot, is a national high school ‘opens’ competition for students in Jewish day schools. Schools conduct an internal round, a state round and then finally inter-state national round. The competition includes an impromptu section and a prepared section for every round.


This competition is designed to promote greater collaboration between the Jewish day schools with a view to providing a forum for students to showcase their refined skills in public speaking. The nature of the prepared topics invites students to articulate a depth of knowledge about contemporary Jewish issues and values.


The JDC places the value of community at the heart of its endeavours. This competition brings the schools together, overtly exemplifying this notion of community.

The competition seeks to explore values such as:

• Care for the environment

• Jewish continuity

• Love thy neighbour

• Tikkun Olam (making the world a better place)

• Shabbat (rest and reflection)

• Traditions and customs

Round 1, Part A: The Prepared Speech

All students prepared a 4 - 5 minute speech on the following topic:

Writer Blu Greenberg once wrote, “Each year we recite the words of the Haggadah “Now we are slaves, next year we will be free.” Are we truly free today?

Students presented their speeches in front of their individual classes during Week 10 of Term 1.

Round 1, Part B: The Impromptu Speech

Students who were in the top 12 competed in the Impromptu Round on Wednesday, April 26.

These quarterfinalists were:

Gabriella Rosenberg

Samuel Majzner

Miel Habani

Ashleigh Cohen

Mia Parry

Joshua Jacobson

Avi Margolis

Cleo Sabath

Talya Hesselson

Lara Posel

Aron Calderwood

Michaela Kavalsky

Round 2: Semi-final Speech Night on May 16

The top 6 students, which were determined by a combination of Round 1 Part A and Part B results, will compete in the semi-final.

These students are, in no particular order:

Michaela Kavalsky

Aron Calderwood

Lara Posel

Talya Hesselson

Mia Parry

Ashleigh Cohen


Samuel Majzner

All Year 10 students are required to attend this evening. Parents and extended family are encouraged to attend.

In this Round, the six students will present their prepared speech from Round 1 and will complete in another impromptu round. This will be adjudicated by a panel of three judges from within and outside of the school. One student will be selected from this round to travel to interstate and represent Carmel School in the National finals.

All students are to be congratluated for their hard work and the excellent quality of their speeches thus far.

Participants in the Mikolot Speech Competiton

Curious Incident and the ‘Whoosh’ Strategy

The Year 10 students in Mrs Jane Ward’s classes are studying the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The story is told from the point of view of a boy on the Autism spectrum (although this is never clearly stated). To help students understand how the characters might feel and how people react to Christopher, the students were introduced to a technique called a ‘Whoosh’. It is used by the RSC to enable actors to get a better understanding of the characters they are to play and to enable them to appreciate the situations the characters might find themselves in.

We began by reading the opening chapters and had two volunteers act out the scene. We then discussed what we saw as the action unfolded in front of us. The students were then put into small groups and given another scene and asked to act out the scene. Students wrote a short reflection on what they had learned about the characters. As we develop our knowledge and understanding of the text, students will be asked to choose a scene and act it out in front of their peers. The class can then reflect on the interpretation offered by the groups. The name ‘whoosh’ is a fun name and is used by the director to clear the stage for the next re-enactment.

Here are some photos of the students in action.

Congratulations Jake!

Carmel School congratulates Jake Dembo for being identified as an outstanding talent in tennis who was invited to join the State Tennis Centre. Jake has written about his journey contributing to this high achievement.

My name is Jake Dembo and I am in Year Four, at Carmel School. I started playing tennis when I was two years old. I started having coaching when I was four years old. I train for about 14 hours per week, mostly at the State Tennis Centre.

I competed in my first tournament when I was six years old and in total I have competed in 24 tournaments. In January this year, I represented WA for a national tournament in Melbourne during the Australian Open.

I love to play tennis and to watch tennis. My goal is to play professional tennis and represent Australia one day.

Click on the link below to see Jake in action



Thank you to the following students for their welcome donations:

• Eva of Year 4.1 for Ivy + Bean’s Bound to be bad by Annie Barrows in honour of her 9th birthday

• Sasha of Year 6.1 for her copies of Yaffa Ganz’s Purim and Chanukah from her home library

• Gil of Year 4.1 for four copies of National Geographic Kids books in honour of his 9th birthday

• Merav for her many copies of the ever-popular David Walliams’ books and other exciting titles.

Thank you Eva, Sasha, Gil and Merav

Dorot Carmel

Shira Taub (Dorot Carmel '15) enlisted in the Israeli army at the beginning of April and completed her basic training in the last week. Shira was awarded חיילת מצטיינת - Outstanding Soldier in her platoon section. She has now started her training course to become an Operational Support Officer, providing real time support during live field operations.

We wish her much luck and we are so proud of this achievement!

Mazal Tov Shira!

Lag Ba'omer

Lag Ba'omer is a fun and festive day in the Jewish calendar. Jewish children and youth around the world traditionally celebrate this day with bonfires, parades and festive events.

The cause of celebration is twofold:

1. Being the yahrtzeit (Yom Hilula) of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a second century great Torah scholar and sage, we celebrate his life and teachings on this day. A focus being on the spiritual and mystical teachings of the Torah that he revealed known as the Kabbalah.

2. Many centuries ago during the time period of Rabbi Akiva, a terrible plague killed 24,000 of his students. It was on the day of Lag Ba'omer that many believe the plague ceased. A reason to celebrate in its own right.

This year we are joining with PHC in celebrating this great day with a bonfire, bbq and more. It is open to all Yr 9-12 students in the community and we are hoping to see you all down there. See the flyer for further details or contact Gilad or Arik:


Don't miss out!

News from the Uniform Shop

The weather is cooling down and new items for winter have landed in the Uniform Shop.

The puffer jacket is $60 and the long sleeve sport top is $32.

See Hayley in the Uniform Shop to purchase.

Gen 17 Closing Soon!

Please note that the survey must close on Friday May 19th.

If you need a new password for yourself or for another member of your family, please click on the link below

For those that have already completed the survey we thank you for participating in this important project.

Kind regards,

The Gen17 team

Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation

Monash University

More information

If you have any queries about the Gen17 survey or encounter any difficulties, please email .

For more information visit our website or follow us on Facebook

Upcoming events at The University of Notre Dame Australia

Course Information Evening

Notre Dame’s Course Information Evening gives future undergraduate students the opportunity to find out more about the wide range of courses available on our Fremantle campus, chat with academic staff and current students, and find out how to apply to our 5-star national university.

Course Information Evening

Wednesday 17 May, 5.30pm Expo, 6:15pm Presentations

Drill Hall (ND25), corner Mouat and Cliff Street, Fremantle

or contact the Prospective Students Office on 9433 0533

Postgraduate, Honours & Research Information Evening

Staff and parents/guardians are invited to find out how they can expand their knowledge and enrich career prospects with a Notre Dame postgraduate or research degree. Notre Dame’s academic staff will be on hand to answer questions about the suite of courses on offer.

Postgraduate, Honours & Research Information Evening

Wednesday 23 May, Expo from 5.30pm, 6:15pm Presentations

Santa Maria Lecture Theatre (ND1), 19 Mouat Street, Fremantle

or contact the Prospective Students Office on 9433 0533

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