The Divine Performance Amelia Bradsbery

The play was about a young woman who happened to be gay wanting to perform her play in a town that really enjoyed her entertainment. The only thing that was holding her back was the church. She went on and performed her play, making the church upset. The church felt as if she was trying to influence people to be "sinners" and "go against God" by using theater but in actuality, she just really wanted to perform her play. She explained that acting was a form of art and that it can be used to express peoples feelings but her acting wasn't meant to steer people away from the church.
Spatial Experience: When I entered the building, I thought the inside of the theater was going to be small. There were a lot of people standing outside and I was really trying to figure out how all the people were going to fit, but it worked out. I sat in the second row and I was able to see the faces of the actors as they spoke or sung. When the audience quieted down and the lights dimmed, I thought to myself "here we go" and I felt like I was going to fall asleep, but I actually stayed awake the whole time. I liked the fact that the theater was big enough to fit everyone but small enough to feel the energy of the actors. If you are comfortable in a place in your life, then you are willing to learn more things. That is how place plays a role in the Good Life.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The way society is today kind of correlates with the society that was exhibited in a play. The church was not too fond of her and didn't want her to play out her performance. This is why a lot of people do not like attending church because there is so much judgement being passed. The central issue adressed in the play/story was how the church trys to cover up and stop the boy from telling a possible childhood sexual abuse situation. I knew about about childhood sexual abuse way before this performance and it shows you that many boys are not able to speak out about their abuse because they would be bashed. Now i see that as a major problem because men are unable to express their feelings. I have seen and been through so much as child that I realized what the minister was trying to get the boy to do. Families do the same thing and try and make a child think that what they are saying is lies even though it is, most of the time, the truth.

Social Experience: I attended the performance with my friends NaTalya and Monet. One person did not want to be there and was annoying me so i moved to the other side of my friend and I had a better experience. It made me realize that sometimes, you have to remove yourself from situations in order to grow and learn.

Emotional Experience: It shows us that we all have a chance at a second try in our lives. W just really need to learn from our mistakes so we can keep from making the same mistakes. As we try and make ourselves better in order to live like a civilized person, there are things we are going to have to let go of. In order to grow, sometimes we do have to let things go, It is to show that we are maturing.

Taken as I was leaving. I really enjoyed the Good Life performance.
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Amelia Bradsbery


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