Marcos Gabriel creative director

Oh, hey. It's me. Marcos Gabriel. And you are --?

You know what, forget it. I'm terrible with names. You mind if I call you Sasha?

Okay, Sasha, what do you wanna know? Something about me? Sure. I'm the Senior Creative Director at Soapbox Films. I write words, I work with designers, I make fun stuff. Like this thing:

I've worked with a lot of talent. I mean, I don't wanna drop names or anything, but I've done shoots with celebs like Will Smith, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Antonio Banderas, Redfoo. (Don't know Redfoo? He's the other half of LMFAO. Don't know LMFAO? I'm sad for you. You've never known the joy of party rocking.)

I'm on the left. Also, the one that's not Ice Cube.
On the left, in my Cameron Diaz disguise.

What else, Sasha? My style? My take? Glad you asked.

I love off-beat stuff. Fun, conversational, approachable ideas. Not reverent and stuffy. Things that pop. I love finding the unique take on a brand and seeing where it goes.

Like, Sasha, this one time - we had to do something for ESPN and Zootopia. And there's the obvious stuff, right? Like the mascots, we could do different names of teams that are animal related, like the Rams and the Panthers and whatnot. But - what if we got a little weird? What if we went on the set of the ESPN-type show that existed inside the world of Zootopia? Now we're talking.

My background? That's a little personal. I mean, we just met. But, okay, sure.

Before Soapbox Films, I was Creative Director at Toy Box Entertainment. (I know, I know, what's with all the boxes?) Before that, I was freelance copywriting and producing spots for agencies like Buddha Jones, Lifetime TV, Open Road Entertainment, Aspect Ratio, and a bunch of other places.

So - yeah, that's it in a nutshell. This was fun. Thanks for spending some time with me. We can do it again, whenever you want. Hit me up at marcos (at) soapboxfilms . com.

Cool. Cool. See ya 'round.

PS. This is Redfoo:

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