Florida By: Anna Arwood and Carson Cobb

Florida is a large state. The top part of Florida is a narrow piece of land. It has swamps, beaches, and deep forests.

Florida is on the southeast coast of the U.S.A. bordered by Georgia and Alabama. It has a coast that is 1,350 miles. The oceans that surround its coast are the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

Starting off with Florida's history their were four tribes in Florida Apalachee, Calusa, Timucuan, and Ais. Juan Ponce de Leon was the first European to reach Florida and later became a state on March 3, 1845, but it was originally owned by Spain. Now Florida's industry, Florida's biggest industry is tourism. It has a lot of vacation spots which is probably what causes all of the tourism.

Florida has a lot of state symbols. One of Florida's State Symbols is an alligator for their state reptile which lives in one of Florida's many swamps. Another state symbol Florida has is orange juice for their state beverage. One last one they have is a panther for their state animal. There are a lot more state symbols for Florida. For example, Butterfly: Zebra Longwing, Tree: Sabal Palm Tree, Bird: Mockingbird, Flower: Orange Blossom, and Fish: Largemouth Bass.

Hurricanes strike Florida once a year average . The hurricane season is from June to November, but the month that it would most likely happen is August. The worst hurricane was the great hurricane which killed thousands of people in (1928)

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A Picture a sunset in Florida and some of Florida's state symbols


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