Missouri Chloe hoffman

state flower -Hawthorn

when it became a state- August 10, 1821 (24th State)

capitol-Jefferson City

nickname -Show Me State

bird- Bluebird

boarding states-Arkansas | Illinois | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Nebraska | Oklahoma | Tennessee |

state flag


professional sport team- st. Louis cardinals

historcal sites-Saint Louis Art Museum (Saint Louis)

historcal sites-Missouri History Museum (Saint Louis)

topography-Rolling hills, open, fertile plains, and well watered prairie north of the Missouri river; south of the river land is rough and hilly with deep, narrow valleys; alluvial plain in the southeast; low elevations in the

I would go to this state because there is the arch and you can see the whole thing. You can even see the cardinals baseball filed. And, you can watch them play. It's also a cool state to visit and there's a lot of stuff to do so i would go to this state.

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