Time Saving Teacher Tools Lauren Williams

Teachers Pay Teachers

This website offers a bunch of resources for teachers of all subject areas and grade levels. Some resources require payment, but there are plenty of free resources available. You must create an account to use the resources.

Visit the Teachers Pay Teachers Website to learn more!

Sign Up Genius

Sign Up Genius is an amazing website that allows you to create sign ups for anything; parent volunteers, staff luncheons, school supply donations, and more. It will keep anyone organized by putting all of their sign ups in one place. It is free and easy to use!

Visit the Sign Up Genius website to learn more!

Read Write Think

Read Write Think is an online collection of lesson plans and resources. You can search by grade level or topic to find exactly what you need. All of the resources and lessons have a focus on reading and writing. It is a great place to find resources for disciplinary literacy.

Visit the Read Write Think website to learn more!

LEarn Zillion

Learn Zillion is a great website with lessons, units, and instructional videos that are aligned to Common Core State Standards for ELA and math. To get the most out of Learn Zillion you should create free account. This allows you access to all of the resources.

Visit the Learn Zillion website to learn more!


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