Food Webs Activity Pack By The Nature Collection for British Wildlife & TTS

Explore the exciting world of British Wildlife with this new Food Webs pack! The pack is designed for use in primary and secondary schools to teach this National Curriculum topic.

A5 Photo Cards

A set of 40 colourful A5 Photo Cards show local animals in their natural habitats and their sources of food. (All the photos shown here, are on the laminated cards.)

As well as teaching about food webs, the pack will inspire children to explore their garden, local park or woods to see what they can find.

Use the photo cards and arrows to build a food web

The Food Webs pack was created by the leading schools' catalogue, TTS, and The Nature Collection.

Photos and text by Susanna Ramsey, creator of 'The Nature Collection’ series of school workshops, which she has delivered in primary schools since 2010. With themes focusing on Local Wildlife, Adaptations, Classification, Food Webs, Habitats and Life Cycles, Susanna has run curriculum-linked workshops for over 26,000 children from Nursery to Year 6.

Susanna Ramsey

Price £19.99 (£23.99 incl VAT)

In a tough, plastic carry case, the pack contains 35 Photo Cards of plants and animals, 2 Instruction Cards, 3 Food Web Cards, 20 Arrows and 20 Consumer/Producer Labels.

Laminated Labels and Arrows
Am I a top predator?

Study our local animals and find out what they eat.

Who am I?


Predator or prey?


Herbivore, carnivore, insectivore or omnivore?


Use the cards for Classification too, sorting the animals by their diet.

Start to see plants as a food source.

Learn to identify them.

Parasol mushroom
Hawthorn berries
Leaf litter
Study the food web for a Blackbird.

Ecosystem. What role is played by the objects, we may not like?

Who eats slugs, dead animals, brambles and nettles?

Six Food Web Diagrams

The Food Webs Cards show complex food webs for the Common frog, Garden spider, Blackbird, Fox, Badger and Tawny owl.

How many of these animals eat earthworms, caterpillars, beetles and flies?

Earthworm in leaf litter

Does a Tawny owl eat frogs?

Does Badgers eat mice?

Which of these predators can eat a Hedgehog?

Food Web and Photo Cards

Follow the diagrams to build simple food chains and complex food webs. Lay the cards on the table or floor and use the arrows provided to connect the animals and plants.

Build a food web!
Read the back of the cards to make up your own food chains or food webs.

Discussion points:

Do food webs change through the seasons?

How do extremes of weather affect the diet of these animals?

Price £19.99 (£23.99 incl VAT)

Food Webs Pack
Created By
Susanna Ramsey


Susanna Ramsey