The Journey The transformation from clay to teapot


I spent all of my inspiration time on Pinterest. These three teapots are my main photos I tried to incorporate within my own piece.

WET/PLASTIC STAGE: I constructed two bowls out of fresh new clay, in order to slip and score them together.

This is after I've slipped and scored my bowls together, I now have the body of my teapot.

I rolled out another piece of wet clay, and created the flange.

This was taken after around 4 days had past. The body is now leading into the leatherhard stage. I cut out my hole for the lid.

This is lid in the wet stage, without the top.
This is my lid going through the process of getting the top put on it. This is all through the plastic stage.
Now the body of my teapot is leatherhard. I rolled out the spout and created the cone shape. Then I slipped and scored the area on the teapot and the spout. I dried the spout beforehand and then attached it to the body.
After creating the spout, I rolled a handle. I shaped the handle the way I wanted it, sliped and scored it, and attached it to the body. At first my handle started to form a crack, but I eventually worked it out, and straightened the handle.

Finally, my teapot is complete and is now in the greenware stage!

After the first fire, my teapot is now bisqueware.

These are the stages of my teapot going trough my glazing process. It took multiple days, but it is worth it.
This is the finished product of my lid. The colors look nice together and very bright, I love the way it turned out.

This is my final product! My teapot is in glazeware, the last stage.

If I could've done anything differently, it would be making the teapot body the same color as the lid. I like both colors, but together they just seems to clash.

The most successful part of my project, I believe is the lid. I fell in love with the style of it, and how the color pops.

The End :)

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