Li’l Chub Club Elections 2020 Voters' Guide

Meet the Candidates

Stephanie Schutz Estrada (aka Klikandtuna)

Proposed Officer Title: Chief Instigations Officer (CIO)

Steph's Platform

I will lead Operation Get It Thicker, with the goal of reclaiming the lost Hard Liquor Bell from the Recidivist
I will draft an extremely silly oath that all new Chubs must complete, on video, in order to gain admittance to our Facebook group
During the year of my incumbency, I will create four (4) t-shirt-worthy SLAP fan art pieces, the content of which will be determined by the Chubs
I will cheerfully pester John and Chris about their pending vasectomies and otherwise be a general stirrer of the pot, to encourage nerdy discussion, friendly debate, and overall participation among all Chubs in this glorious Club
"Mean" Gene Grasso

Proposed Officer Title: Darth Halyx, Lord Commander of the Chub Army

Gene's Platform

To help remind John and Chris of stories they have forgotten to tell, to institute a Chub of the month segment on the show, to help brainstorm new segments on the show, and to bring all Chubs together as one.
"Human" Gail Thompson, Queen Mum

Proposed Officer Title: Minister for Etiquette

Gail's Platform

To ensure that all chubs maintain proper decorum, that we agree to rib each other mercilessly, that we remain nerdy, that belches are loud and the podcast remains the raucous hoo har we are all familiar with. (please refer to previous audio submission for full hilarious details).
Ryan Wainio

Proposed Officer Title: Secretary of...Whatever the Fuck

Ryan's Platform

I will take care of any odds & ends and leftovers (refrigerated or not). Basically, I will assist any other Chub with anything they might need assistance doing. And once in a while I might write a poem/song parody.
Jose Gonzalez (aka "Fartpistol")

Proposed Officer Title: Seargent of Shits and Giggles

Jose's Platform

I use the laptop more than the phone for doing things.
I want to help chubs grow more. I can stimulate their heads with ideas. I can organize events that will make members want to hop on more. Every month, I can write a parody song for the group's entertainment.
James Alcorn (aka J.A.M.E.S. - Jovian Actuated Man: Ecto Series")

Proposed Officer Title: Eternal Galactic Emperor of All Chubdom

J.A.M.E.S.' Platform

Total domination.

All members in good standing are asked to vote for three of the above candidates. Voting period begins 12:00 AM EST Sunday, November 1, 2020 and ends at 10:00 PM EST on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

All voters should report to patreon.com/superliveadventure