Why I Love to Travel, My Theoretical Trip Lauryn Nakashima

I have always loved the idea of traveling around the world since I was a little kid. That dream has become a reality since going on my first trip out of the country, to Japan, on an exchange trip in 2014. Since then, I have caught the travel bug, traveling to about 18 different countries since! This is a trip that I really want to go on next summer, visiting my friend in Perth, Australia, then traveling to nearby countries to explore and see different parts of the world!

Perth, Australia

This is where my friend lives! I have heard from a couple friends that it is a very nice place to visit, with beautiful scenery that you will never get tired of.

Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia

The first part of our trip will consist of Bali, Indonesia. I have heard that it is a beautiful place to visit, and it is only about a three hour flight from Perth! I have heard many great things about Bali, and it is definitely a place that I want to visit!

Phuket, Thailand
Lantern Festival in Thailand

The next part of this theoretical trip is going to Thailand! I have been wanting to go to Thailand for the longest time, seeing the beautiful sights and ocean views. Another thing I have always wanted to do is go to a Lantern Festival, like in the scene in Tangled, one of my favorite Disney movies! Ever since watching that movie, it has been a lifelong dream of mine, and it can become a reality when I go to Thailand one day!

Somewhere in Vietnam, this could be me!

The next portion of this trip would be going to Vietnam! Again, it has beautiful sights of the ocean, and is somewhere I would want to go on this trip since it is relatively close to Thailand! It seems like a place that I would enjoy, and I would want to recreate that first picture of Vietnam shown!

Elephant in Cambodia

The next place that we would visit is Cambodia. I have never really thought of traveling here, but it is easy to get to from the other countries, why not visit here too? I also have a friend back in high school that was born here, so seeing the place he was born would be an interesting experience! I have also wanted to pet an elephant for a while now, and it seems that I can do that here!


The final destination on this trip would be going to Laos. This country is also close to all of these other countries, that it would be fun to experience this at the same time! It has beautiful temples and buildings that I could look at all day, and the scenery is also magnificent to look at!

After all these different countries, it would be back to Perth and heading home. I really hope that I can go on this theoretical trip one day because it seems like it would be so much fun! Also, another 6 countries off the list would be very exciting! One day, I hope to do this trip and visit more countries around the world!


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