Morons' Perception of Football Players Makes Me Suicidal Austin Nagel

This is the sole reason I hate the movies -- I really hate them. These corny movies bother the hell out of me. You want to know why? Because some phony sonuvabitch thought that all football players are dumb, or think that they should be portrayed as jocks who believe they are better than everyone else. And people believed it to be true in society. Now how corny is that? People’s judgement makes me sick. It really kills me. The fact of the matter is people are dumb as hell. They can’t just take something from a corny movie -- all are fake as hell by the way -- and apply to everyday life. Those people who judge someone who plays football to be arrogant really get on my nerves. They really do. I get depressed as hell when someone says something like, “Wow that kid plays football, he must think he’s God's gift.” First off I’m no one’s gift. Especially God. There are billions of football players in this world and I can assure you most of them are not the movie players scene in cinema. This topic really frustrates me. I’m going to jump out of a window eventually. That may sound dark as hell but I really mean it. If there is one thing in this dumb world I couldn’t preach more about, it is definitely this subject. Hate to admit it but it’s one of my biggest insecurities. Next time you judge a football player, make sure you aren’t influenced by a stupid movie.

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