Fox Trail Gear brand development

about this project

Fox Trail Gear began as a logo, and was then developed into a brand. Fox Trail Gear is an outdoor company for kids, focused on getting young kids interested in the outdoors and out of the house.

the proccess

logo process images

final logo

the final logo was made by combining a fox, and a sunrise over the mountains. The colors were chosen to be earthy but also colorful so that it appeals to a younger audience.

moodboard / inspiration

brand ideation

I wanted to develop a conceptual outdoor gear brand marketed towards kids. I thought about how certain gear that's difficult to find in kid-sizes could be branded and how even the storefront could look. There could be an ice-skating rink on the roof, and a rock climbing wall up the side.

I tried to think of elements that would be a part of a brand that I would be interested in as a kid.

mockup of the storefront

brand advertising

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Created By
Abby Broekhuizen

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