Illustrator Projects & Tutorials John Ruhl - 6th six weeks

For the BMW Logo, I had to make several centers that all had the same center as each other, cut the very centermost circle in quarters, make one of the pairs that are "vertical angles" to each other either blue or white and type "BMW" (the name of the company), rotate each letter accordingly to make it appear as if the company name was written on a tilt.

Cup w/ Logo

In order to complete the Cup w/ Logo Tutorial, I had to use the pen tool to make one side of the cup, then add the 3D Revolve Effect to create the entire cup. To prevent the cup from looking one hundred percent white, I had to adjust the lighting, which gave the cup shadows around it. Then, I made a 3D Logo for the cup, dragged it onto the cup, and added the Grain Effect onto it in order to make it look more realistic.

Free Trade Dollar

For the Free Trade Dollar Tutorial, I used the pen tool to create a variety of objects such as: buildings, bridges, cars, shovels with dirt, cheeseburgers, hammers, construction hats, clouds and The Sun. Once I had created all of those objects, I placed them on top of a green money-like rectangle and then added transparent objects such as the bald eagle on to of the bridge, and the American Flag blending into the background of the second side of the dollar.

Tutorial #8

For Tutorial #8, I had to use the line segment tool to separate the walls of the room, add furniture (such as the rug), create a painting, create a door with the pen tool, along with the TV Stand and the TV on top off it. I used the pen tool as well to create the sound speakers along with the Blu-Ray Player (the Blu-Ray Logo was a transparent background from the internet), and the window in the wall. In order to create the light from the window, I created a white rectangle and lowered the opacity to give it that effect.

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