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“This has gone great! Multiple staff members have entered the classroom with the comment, “I have never been in here.” Well, now they have. It has begun. We are getting to know more and more people in the building. Multiple staff members have informed me that if one of my students is interested in the subject he/she teaches, to make sure and schedule the student in the class next school year!” ~ Erica Price / Montgomery Co. High School – Special Education Teacher
"Now as an adult athlete in SOKY, I can speak from experience that if [the] UCS program had been available during my high school years then my peers would have accepted me more and not have been so quick to name-calling, rudeness and exclusion. Their pure meanness at times frustrated and frightened me so this program would have been very beneficial to me back then, as it is to all those current SOKY athletes still in high school today." ~ Leigh Ann Fallis - Special Olympics Kentucky Athlete

Unified Sports

Students develop exceptional athletic skills while forming friendships, fostering respect for each other, and becoming leaders on and off the court.

Bath County Head Varsity Track Coach Rick Staviski instructs athlete before competition.

Youth Leadership

Opportunities for youth with and without intellectual disabilities to become agents of change within their school, community, and state.

Whole School Engagement

An important feature of creating a socially inclusive school climate is engaging the entire school community in the process.

Shelby County High School Back to School Bash Kick-off

Young Athletes Program

Are you Ready to Join the Inclusion Revolution

As we move forward, we need to know you’re with us. Be a revolutionary and help end discrimination against people with Intellectual Disabilities.

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kparsley@soky.org / 502-326-5002

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