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Will treating my body better before a test help me do better?


If I work out, eat a healthy meal, and get more sleep the day before a test, I will feel better and do better on a test the next day.


For the day before test, I walked around my apartment complex for about 45 minutes until I started sweating and feeling tired. I walked back to my apartment and thought about what to make for dinner. In the end, I decided to make a turkey burger with a bun, applesauce on the side, and a little bit of spinach to top off the burger. In total, I spent about an hour cooking my dinner, eating it, and cleaning it up in the sink.

Once I was done with my food, I studied for a few hours for my test for tomorrow. I spent about an hour reviewing from the book, another hour reviewing and studying the notes, and the next hour doing practice and homework. I would normally study for another hour trying to do more work but I made myself go to bed by midnight so that I could get a good night's sleep.

I woke up with about 7 hours of sleep for the test the next day. Throughout the day, I actually felt a little more sluggish than usual and more tired during the morning. However, during the test, I felt like I was more focused and might have remembered more from my studying the previous night.

Results / Reflection:

I got an 89 on my Accounting test. During the test, I did not feel as confident of my answers as I was during my previous tests. I believe that the fact that I did not spend as much time studying for this test as I did for my other tests was a big factor. Also, I felt more sluggish in the morning and sleepier. In conclusion, I did not feel like I was prepared as I could have been and I physically felt more tired than I would have been had I gotten more sleep.

This is the opposite of what I expected my results to be. Even though I did well on the test, I thought that I would feel more awake and rejuvenated while taking it. This experience has made me believe that I should still try to put more of an effort into taking care of my body. I should still try to look for the correct amount of sleep that my body needs in order to feel refreshed for the next day, but 7 hours is apparently either too much or not enough for now.


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