Minecraft: The Mining Games By: Brayden Steele

Have you ever played the mining games in Minecraft? If you have never heard of it then you should read this awesome article! It is hard to believe but many people love to mine in Minecraft but most of them never think of turning it into a competition. It is a great idea you should try it. When you read this piece you will learn about the equipment you need, the rules, and how to win.

The equipment you need is the most important part of the mining games.

First you will need amour of any kind for protection from mobs and other things that are dangerous. Second you need any kind of pickax so you don’t have to use your hands because that would be way to slow. And last but not least you need food so if you are losing hunger and dying you can eat it and be better and have full hearts.

Time to learn the rules- they are important too. The first rule is that you can’t cheat and go in creative mode because then you get everything already made and that means you didn’t work to get it and that is what you are supposed to do. The second rule is you can’t kill other competitors because that is the worst thing you could do. And the last rule is that you can’t say mean things to other competitors because that might really hurt their feelings.

winning is very fun.The first way to win is whoever gets the most ore because if you when you get all of the ore. The second way to win is whoever gets to the end of the cave wins some ore to and that is exciting. And the third way to win is whoever can stay alive from mobs wins a iron pickaxe and that is cool to.

So now you know how the mining games work. I think you are ready.I hope you liked this article. LET’S GET MINING!!!

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