A list of some of the most remote places in Alaska where you can go to disappear.

Number 1 on our list is Adak. It is located on the Aleutian Islands . With a small population of just 326 people . Coming here you will definitely slip off the grid

If you are keen for cold cold and a new identity this is the place for you. The negative buzz of society got you down then all you need to do is take plane from New York and a 5 hour hike and you will find the extravagant place . Dont expect to be updating your Facebook profile every 5 minutes because there is no signal for a couple hundred miles .

Here what you hunt is what you eat . There is no Mr Delivery or uber eats here . All you have is your bare hands and a hunting rifle . If you ticked all of those boxes then Adak is the place for you.


Created with images by Photographing Travis - "Alaska Logging Town" • Seabamirum - "Zephyr Point"

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