The Renaissance By: Andy Rodriguez

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The Silk Road helped sparked the Renaissance. The Silk Road helped sparked the Renaissance because it allowed for more opportunities to allow trade between Asia and Europe which allowed new goods to be acquired. "The polos saw many amazing things in China. For example, the Chinese used paper money in addition to the coins that Europeans used" (Holt #9). This evidence shows that Marco and his family saw many new things that fascinated China and intrigued him a lot. All in all, the Reniassance was sparked because of the Silk Road reopening.

Picture of Marco Polo
Left: Shows the map that Marco Polo took on the Silk Road. Right: Is a picture of Marco Polo holding a bow.

Italian Trade Cities

Medici Family

Top left: Shows a picture of Medici banking with his family. Top Right: Shows a picture of Medici teaching his education to others. Bottom left: Shows the art of the Medici family. Bottom right: Shows the medic architecture.

Rediscovering the past

The Greek and Roman classical writings helped shape the development of the Reniassance.The Greek and Roman classical writings helped the Renaissance because it allowed them to have more ideas which lead to more writings being made which lead to the shaping of the Renaissance."Throughout the Renaissance, artists studies these ancient statues and tried to make their work look similar to them." (Holt #3). This evidence shows that because of the statutes that were created it lead to others statues being remodeled to look like those which lead to the ideas of many sculptures and statues.All in all, the Greek and Roman classical writings helped shape the Renaissance becsuse it lead to the discovery of more ideas.

Greek and Roman ideas

One of the the Greeks and Romans ideas were statues of there gods upon or even on their buildings that were constructed.

The Greeks and Romans ideas about how to build their buildings shaped the way they looked and were all very similar to each other.

When building they always had these blueprints which helped them build there buildings well and were the reason why their buildings always came out the same or relatively the same each time they constructed their buildings.

The Greeks and Romans also admired their statues of their gods and always made sculptures and made art for their gods.

Leonardo da Vinci

This post describes the artwork that Leonardo made. He did many things such as engineering and mathematics. He was a Renaissance man which meant that he was very curious and he was one of the most talented people of all time.

These pictures were created by Leonardo and were some of his best works of art.


This video shows and explains that Michelangelo was a very good artist and painter. Although he was a very good artist he was very coky about his work.

Paper and Printing

Top Left: Shows the letters used the by the printing press. Top Right: Shows the printing press (moveable type) machine. Bottom Left: Shows workers using the printing press. Bottom Right: Shows the printing press used in today's world.

The printing press had a huge affect on literacy. It had a huge affect on literacy because it produced more books in less time which made people buy books and want to read more because they're so interesting.

Renaissance Writing

Williams Shakespeare writing reflected the idea of humanism. Williams Shakespeare's writing reflected on the ideas of humanismbecause he taught the idea that everyone has potential to do something great. Another reason why he was popular was because he wrote in English at the time and because his work was so good he attracted a huge audience. "Shakespear was such an important writer that he even influenced the English language. He invented common phrases such as fair play and common words such as lonely." (Holt #317).This evidence shows how Shakespeare's writing caused such a huge audience and how the English language developed.All in all Shakespeare's writing caused the start of the English language.

Left: Shows Romeo and Juliet book written by Shakespear Right: Shows Hamlet written byShakespeare
This is a quote by one of Shakespeare's poems.

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