Gun Control

The United States has a very high rate of gun ownership and even with stricter gun control laws, criminals will still get their hands on a weapon.
Rates of gun ownership in the United States are reaching its highest level, but at the same time, gun homicide rates are on the decline.
Criminals will still have no problem finding a firearm to carry out their intentions. One way they do this is by buying from a private seller.
Many Americans are choosing to purchase a gun for protection against assailants and many women are beginning to purchase and conceal carry guns.
A shooter often carries more than one weapon and eliminates the need to reload.
Stricter laws on gun magazine will not be effective. If magazine size is shortened, it may be the difference between life and death for someone being attacked
There is a growing trend of women buying guns and taking self defense classes.
Take a stand against having one of your most important freedoms taken away!

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