Jurassic world made by joel and jack

Come to Ben and jerrys to cool your self down at the end of the day.

Apatosaurus eat soft leaves and sauropod.

Did you know that stegosaurus eat ferns and cycads.
This dinosaur eats primarily fish.
The metriacanthosaurus is a carnivore
The T-Rex eats flesh and bone.
This dinosaur eats plants so it's a herbivore.
This dinosaur is 12m long.
This dinosaur eats primeraly fish
At Jurassic world you can come and play some golf and see if you can beat the T-Rex!
Travel to the top of a mountain and look for miles
Walk forever and find sticks of bamboo.
Stop gaping at the ankylosaurus and run or walk through the flowers.
Look under the water and see the Ophthlmosaurus and Ichtysaurus.
At Starbucks you can have a good coffee.
At this snazzy place you can have tea.

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