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What makes a good citizen

American flag

To be a good citizen you have to respect your rights and responsibilities. A good citizen stays informed and follows the laws. A right that citizens have is freedom of speech that means people can have petitions as long as they are not affecting others. But the responsibility that you have to get to the petition. Voting is a right but you do not need to vote. A responsibility that you have is to pay your taxes. In conclusion to be a good citizen you have to follow the law and respect the authority of others

What is the difference between limited and unlimited forms of government?


Unlimited and limited have different ups and downs for their country's. Unlimited government let's the leader /leaders have more power unlike limited government which lets the leader/leaders have less power.For example, in a dictatorship, a dictator has unlimited power and does what he or she wants. In contrast, in a constitutional monarchy, the queen or king are not in power and their responsibility is to only represent the country in world events. This limits them so they do not abuse power. limited government has less freedom/rights ,unlimited government has more freedom /rights. For example limited government the leader can't decide a law but unlimited government can. In conclusion, limited and unlimited government differ in many ways. They can have more or less freedom,control, rights and power given to the leader/leaders. That is how limited and unlimited government differ.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

The EU flag

In a supranational cooperation such as the EU there can be agreements that unite them and disagreements that divide them.The EU works together and has a cultural identity an example of this is celebrating holidays and having a flag.The EU unites or has a political centripetal force that lets citizens be able to vote for any representatives that are in the EU. Also they unite by using the common market because the common market makes it easier to trade by taking down tariffs or barriers. Also the EU let's you cross borders without having to change money or have a visa because most of the counties in the EU use euros .In the EU there is lots of diversity between the different countries which sometimes causes a centrifugal force.In the EU there are may differences which may cause centrifugal forces such as the west and east. In the west they have more jobs that pay more money than the east so the west might be scared of the EU taking the jobs. Another difference is the languages and cultures. The only problem with this is that the EU has to print many papers in over 20 different languages.In conclusion the different forces are centrifugal and centripetal forces that work for and against the EU. A centrifugal force is the differences such as the differences between the culture and languages among the countries. A centripetal force is the similarities such as when the countries are united in the EU by taking down tariffs so they could ship things in the EU for free.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People traveling in the desert

People adapt to living in a desert region by using the correct food and water sources and know where to go to farm, trade or where to let their animals graze. Some people adapt by living near oases. Living near oases has many benefits.Living near oases provides citizens here with water and food such as date palms. When people live near a place with water this helps them survive through droughts.Also this helps people get shade because the trees around oases helps block the sun. Also living near oases has a benefit of being able to trade.Some people adapt by being nomads, nomads have a special way of living in the desert to help the, survive through the harsh weather and low food and water supply. Nomads move around with their animals and using shifting agricultural. Shifting agriculture is when you move in different places so the ground can regrow. Using shifting agricultural helps the land and its plants grow back. They also use flowing clothing so they don't overheat in the desert. People adapt to living in the desert in many different ways. Two examples of ways people adapt are living near oases and being a nomad. When you live near a oases you have many benefits such as having.

A good water and food supply. When you are a nomad you adapt by what you wear and how they raise their animals. These are ways that people adapt to living in the desert.


how might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Oil is a very valuable resource and can be used in many different ways. Having such a valuable and wanted resource can cause many fights over oil but having this resource can also be useful towards the countries with this resource. Iran had a fight with kuwait because they wanted to take their oil.Iran wanted to take over kuwait's oil reserves this started the Persian gulf war. The Persian gulf war caused many people to help and support Kuwait because they did not want lose their supply of oil. The war burned most of Kuwait's oil reserves which affected other countries. Having oil can also be helpful towards the countries that have the valuable resource. When countries supplying this resource get many benefits to have this resource such as when they sell crude oil they get money which can be used to help the community which can help the life expectancy to raise . Also having this resource helps the coutures be in control of the prices so the prices don't go too high or too low.In conclusion have oil can be a burden or very helpful. You can ether have. Wars and fights over oil or have a helpful income from selling oil to other countries who don't have much oil. Having oil can also help and hurt people when you have a valuable resource.



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