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Termite Body Layout: Termites have six legs, two straight pointed antennas and a large head with no distinct body segmentation but a more ribbed texture. Some termites are made into soldiers and are given large sharp mandibles while others are made into workers or reproductive termites with much smaller mandibles


Termites are believed to be closely related to cockroaches and most likely evolved from that family of insects called Blattodea.

Life Cycle

Termites start off their life cycle by beginning as an egg, then hatching into pale white larvae. After molting several times, these larvae assume one of three roles of termites: Worker, Soldier or reproductive. Workers and soldiers tend to live for 2 years while a healthy king or queen can live for up to a decade under optimal conditions.


Termites tend to live in nests located underground, in dead trees or stumps. The majority of termite species tend to live in tropical areas. These tropical areas obviously have more problems than other areas with termites since they provide an ideal environment. Some of these ideal areas include Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Human contact

Humans come into contact with termites most commonly in their homes since some home are the perfect areas for termites to dwell. They can live in cool dark places with wood which usually leads them into an old basement or cellars.






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