To Kill a Mockingbird "Point of View" Assignment by Amber Kane

Entry 1- The Kids Continuous Fascination with Boo and the Tree Knot Findings

Perspective: Boo Radley about kids

For days upon days throughout the years I have watched silently from afar. Little do they know me, they only know what they hear, or more so to say what they want to hear. They don't know me as anything more than a monster that sparks their curiosity and it seems they can't help but be near and gaze over at my house. Whenever I get scared that they might see me I quickly turn back and hide behind the curtains. I would scare them away if they saw me. Nobody knows who I am. I get so lonely in here nowadays but there's nothing I can do about that. Some days I wish I could just walk outside and join them, stroll down the street and say "Good afternoon Jean Louise!". But I could never. Not after what society's done. I've tried to reach out to them through the hole in the tree but it's covered now and I no longer have a way to "speak" with the outside world once again.

Entry 2- Kid's Playing Boo Radley

Perspective- Jem about Boo

Boooo Radley, even his name is scary. It's Boo! Like a ghost in a scary movie. I know Atticus says to leave him alone, but I just can't help myself sometimes! It's so fascinating to sit and think, to wonder, have that curiosity of "Hey, I wonder what his life is like?". It must be so boring, sitting in that house all the time, having no one to really talk to. I kind of feel bad but I also don't because of how he can be a monster at times, at least how he was in the past. Who really knows for sure besides himself though. I mean, playing Boo Radley with Scout and Dill can be pretty fun. In the past we've tried to do things to get Boo to come out, but he never has. A little bit ago we almost had a run in with Boo, the night my pants got stuck on his fence, he fixed them for me. I don't know when or if we'll stop trying, especially Dill, he's desperate.

Entry 3- Court Trials and Defenses

Perspective- Atticus about Tom and the Town

I understand this will give me trouble throughout the town, but it is well worth it. A few months or so of me being disrespected against an innocent's man life. His life depends on me, I'm all he's got in this trial. I feel bad for the fella, got himself involved in this mess through an act of pure kindness. He didn't know what he was doing wrong. He didn't necessarily do anything wrong, Mayella tempted him and Bob just couldn't take it. Not only does that sick and twisted man rape his children but he then can't handle his own guilt and blames those that are innocent. I would rather lose my respect than dishonor my beliefs. What is right is right and what is wrong id wrong. The people in this town are good at making it clear they still believe in segregation. It's sad, honestly, it would be a better place if everyone learned to accept others for who they are.

Entry 4- Jem Destroys Mrs. Dubose's Flowers

Perspective- Jem

I guess I just could not take it anymore. She was constantly rude and always yelling at me. Mrs. Dubose, the grumpy and old neighbor next door, I cannot stand her. So, in a rash decision, I decided to smash her flowers to get even with her for talking bad about Atticus. I don't know what exactly came over me, I feel like normally I wouldn't do something like that, but her talking down on Atticus broke the last straw. I wasn't sure how I felt after the fact. I guess I had a feeling of satisfaction but also some guilt. I only had the guilt after Atticus explained why he had made me be nice with her. But it took awhile because he made me read to her for awhile first, he only explained after she died. Maybe if I would've known before hand why she was always so mean I wouldn't have been so rude back to her. Sadly, it's too late now. I don't feel sad that she is gone, she made my life hell. I'm kind of glad Atticus made me read to her in the long run though.

My Thoughts/Reflection-

Everyone views the world differently especially depending on how they grew up, what they grew up surrounded with, and even where they grew up. Everything just depends on the person and their own opinion and how they choose to view things. Sometimes people take things for granted or they simply feel pessimistic and they miss out on what may be consider to someone else the best part(s) of their life. Not everyone feels the same and that's okay. It's good to be different, nothing would ever change in the wold if people were not different and did not take many risks and chances. I think the purpose of this assignment was meant for us to realize that not everything we consider throughout life should be seen through one perspective, which would be our perspective. Sometimes or most of the time we should just take a moment and think about a situation we are in and imagine it from another person's point of view to get a better opinion on it.

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