James Madison Madison was the 4th president of the US, he wrote the first drafts of the CONSTITUTION and helped to write the Bill Of rights.He helped to establish the democrat- republican party along with 3rd president Thomas Jefferson

The second back of the US was charted by James Madison in 1816. It's main branch was in Philadelphia.

The battle of Tippecanoe was a fight between the American Indians and the "white" settlers. The Indians decided to ban together and refuse to use the settlers products and they lived in an area called prophet town. The town grew so large because of the amount of indians that they settlers wanted to send support with troops. When the troops were sent in it worried the Indians and they attacked leading to a large loss on both sides but and overall victory for the settlers. Once it was fought they burned Prophet town to the ground.

Cumberland road also called the national highway, was made to speed up the process for settlers traveling west. It took a little over 7 years to complete the 130 mile road. But it was a great success and more people than expected traveled west.

The war of 1812 was fought between the untied stated and Britain along with their allies. They war lasted roughly 3 years and was fought over the impressment of American soldiers and the restrictions the British tried to enforce on them. It was a very bloody war and the Americans suffered many losses at the hands of the British but the Americans came out with the upper end. The war was ended with the Treaty of Ghent but it still left many questions unanswered on both ends. But the Americans celebrated it as the second war towards their freedom.

The war hawks were a group of pro- war republicans who said the only way to combat the British was with war. The war hawks were led by a man named Henry Clay.

The invasion of Canada happened during the war of 1812. They did this to gain the support of the French against the British. But it ended up being terrible for the Americans most were killed or severely injured.

Washington DC burned during the war of 1812, the Britisher attacked the capital. But the British only controlled the capital for 24 hours before they suffered major losses against their army.

The battle of Baltimore was fought between the British and the Americans during the war of 1812.It was a turning point of the war where the American forced warded off a sea invasion at Baltimore. The defense at Fort Mchenery by Francis Key inspired the star spangled Banner.

The Hartford convention was where the federalists discussed their grievances about the war of 1812. They talked about the crippled economy and proposed the idea of a 2/3 vote of both houses for future declaration of war.

The battle of new oceans was when British troops attacked American soldiers in New Orleans. The war had ended already but the troops had not yet received the word of it.

The treaty of Ghent was signed to end the war of 1812, and yet again declare America's independence from Britain.The treaty said that things should go back to the way they were before the war, but impressment was not mentioned in the treaty.

James Monroe was the 5th president of the US, got rid of the republicanism and the only party left was democrat republicans.

The era of good feelings was the nickname for the time in America when James Monroe was president. During this time things were old fashioned and calmed down.

The American plan was all about protective tariffs, promotion of the American industry and a national bank. It was to also help to build roads, canals and many other national improvements.

Henry Clay was very prominent in the idea of getting rid of slavery and had a large interest in the expansion and movement of the west. He ran for president 3 times but never won.

Protective tariffs placed a tax on goods imported in from other countries to make other country's items more expensive than American goods.

During Monroe's presidency there were many improvements that happened like the building of turnpikes, international railroads,flat boats, steam boats and many other things.

Cumberland road also called the national highway, was made to speed up the process for settlers traveling west. It took a little over 7 years to complete the 130 mile road. But it was a great success and more people than expected traveled west.

The Erie canal was the most popular canal during the presidency of James Monroe.

The Rush- Bagot treaty gave limited naval power in the great lakes for Canada and the US in the Great Lakes.

The seminole wars were also known as the Florida wars. They were 3 battle that took place between the Seminole Indians.

The adams ones treaty was when the US bought Florida from Spain for 5 million dollars, and recognized Americans claim to the Oregon country and then the US surrendered their claims of northern Mexico.

The convention of 1818 was a treaty between the United States and Canada that allowed people from both countries to live in the Pacific Northwest

The Panic of 1819 was the first major financial crisis in the US followed by a general collapse of the American economy.

The land act of 1820 was the United States federal law that ended the ability to purchase the United States' public lands.

Missouri and Maine asked Congress if they could be a state. Their were an even amount of free and slave states.

The santa fe trail was a round that ran through central America that connected Missouri with Santa Fe New Mexico.

The Monroe Doctrine was president James Monroe's declaration that the Western front was no longer open to European colonization.

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