The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Ashley turnoff

As soon as I walked into the Constans Theater I saw the set up of the stage and I felt very excited to watch the play. The props and furniture seemed very interesting and I really didn’t know what to expect. I don’t think my seat location really affected the experience I had in the theater. You could see all angles of the stage anywhere you sat. As soon as the lights dimmed I was ready to pay attention to the show. I genuinely enjoy watching plays so I was excited when I heard that we had to attend this play. I think the theater was beautiful and very big, I didn’t expect it to be such a spacious theater. I think that all of these factors contributed to the good life because you felt very comfortable and eager to watch the play.

I went to play with most of my friends on Sunday. We all decided to go together because this was the type of event where we wanted each other’s company. To get ready for the performance I made sure that we all looked presentable because you are supposed to go to the theatre looking nice. I am so glad that I went to the theater with my friends because during intermission if we were ever a little confused about a certain detail then we could ask each other. Sharing this experience with my friends was very exciting and helped me achieve the good life.

The time and place of this play is very different from our culture now. Our views are different now and a lot more situations were controversial the time the play took place. I didn’t know anything about the subject matter before I attended the play, so I was very shocked over some of the topics that were in the play. One part that really got my attention is how back then they would make younger kids work in those harsh conditions. Now we really don’t see that in the United States anymore, that is child abuse and it is wrong. Also, the Catholic Church was trying to ban the controversial play that Sarah was performing in and I feel like now nothing gets banned because of controversial material. We are allowed to express ourselves in any way and I appreciate that. Another topic that I think is so important is the power of art and how this play really emphasizes how special the arts can be.

I think that the scene that portrays child labor is a way of katharsis, because it shows how terrible it was to work in these conditions. Worst of all it shows how the boss really didn’t care about the boy working there or about the two little girls who died in his work area. It makes the audience realize that at one point this really was happening and showed all the terrible effects of it.


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