Daydreamer's Diary An Imaginary Tour of Outer Space

If you love deep oceans, outer space, celestial light, and vivid dreams, you might like this work.

What if we discover pyramids on the Moon...?

Art can open your mind and expand your viewpoint

Here you will discover stunningly colorful and intuitive space fantasy wall art as well as functional art designer home and bath products featuring the artwork of Don White

"View from a Distant Moon" ©2017
"Star Burst" © 2017
"A Break in the Clouds" ©2017

Sometimes I have vivid daydreams. I don't really know why, but I am somehow driven to try to paint them...... Imaginary visions of otherworldly places seen from impossible viewpoints...It's fun!

"Intergalactic Traveler" ©2017
Created By
Donald White


All images © Don White 2017

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