Birthday box By Jane yollen

This is his birthday box that his mom gave him and he is happy that his mom got him something even that she is sick and can barely talk
Wane he opens it that is nothing in it and he look at is mom and his mom says that it is you and he looks at the box and than at mom and she is not their and than his mom died.
In ten years he finds the box and he fills the box with pomes and stores in his closet.
He did so many pomes and stores that the box overflowed but he did not get another box because his mom gave him this box
Is that in the store he fined the box and he has a flash back and he likes to read stores and the box is him his mom say it is you and that is hoe he find the box up with him
I think that the thesis is that " it is the thot that counts not the gift

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