Judaism Jerusalem, Israel

Dome of the Rock

As you arrive to the beautiful city of Jerusalem, your first stop will be at the historic Dome of the Rock. the Dome of the Rock is a shrine located on the Temple Mount in this wonderful city. This site was originally completed in 691 CE, but since then, there's been a numerous amount of expansions and restorations, last restore being in 1993. The Dome of the Rock has been nicknamed, " Jerusalem's most recognizable landmark". When visiting here, even though it is not a mosque, it's very common for people to be praying here. In the floor of the Dome, there is a something called th Foundation Rock. The Foundation Stone can easily be known as one of the holiest sites in this city. Claimed by the Jewish tradition, this stone is believed to be the site where Abraham prepared his sacrifice of his son, Isaac. This historical site has inspired a multitude of many other historical buildings around the world, like in Italy, Budapest & Istanbul. There is a common misconception about this site, that it was meant for public worship, but actually it's more of a mosque for pilgrims.

The Western Wall

On the second day of your trip, you will be going to see the Western Wall, also can be known as the Wailing Wall, or simply just the Kotel. This is a ancient limestone Wall, or shrine, located in Jerusalem, at the foot of the western side of the Temple Mount. Besides the Temple Mount in its entirety, the Western Wall is one of the most sacred, holiest places to Judaism. The architecture on the Western Wall is amazing, with its large stone blocks with nothing in etween them holding them together, just extremly preside block placement. This has been a place where Jews and Pilgrims come to pray and worship. Many people come to the wall and place notes, drawings, and letters between the blocks. Some are prayers, essays to loved ones, or even just pictures. Twice a year, these collections are removed and buried in the Mount of Olives. Jerusalem has been attacked, destroyed and rebuilt many times, 9 times to be exact, the Western Wall has remained stabled. It's believed that god promised that the Jewish people will never been destroyed, so they believe that the Western Wall is the symbol of all Jewish people.

Via Dolorosa

On your third and best day in Israel, you will be going to the Via Dolorosa. A street that is historically known as the path Jesus walked on on his way to be crucified. This road can also be known as the way of grief, way of suffering, or way of sorrow. This is also held to be " the most important and meaningful thing they will walk on". People sometimes try to pray here, but it can be very difficult with all the busy streets with many tourists, shops and food bars that the path goes through. The path begins at the Lions Gate in the Muslim Quarter and ends at the Chuch of the Holy Sepulchre, in total this path is 500 meters.

Yad Vashem

On the fourth and final day of this luxury tour, you'll be visiting the Yad Vashem. The Yad Vashem is a mueseum honoring those who were killed during the Holocaust. This site is located on Mount Herzi and the Mount of Rememberance. This museum gives a good insight on how Israelis perceive such a horrible event. In the Yad Vashem, you can look at and admire all the photos and memorials and pay your respects to all those who have passed. The Yad Vashem is the World Holocaust Remembrance Center and is the best source of reliable information on anything known about the Holocaust. Their goal is to have all six million Jews and all the others killed during the Holocaust to have eternal remembrance.






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