Navy Master at Arms (MA) By archer lundy

The Master at Arms (MA) is basically the military police of the Navy. They do the same work as police in the civilian world, with some extra duties here and there, including operating brigs, working at shore stations
Becoming an MA is not an easy. It requires being smart and having a good work ethic, as after completing basic training, you need to have a combined score of at least 100 on the word knowledge and arithmetic reasoning on the ASVAB. You must qualify for a secret security clearance, and of course, be a US citizen. You must also have a clean legal record three years before applying to be an MA, and any domestic violence conviction will disqualify you entirely.

Navy Master At Arms require extensive training in order to do their job correctly. "A" school lasts 9 weeks for Masters at Arms, where they learn anti-terrorist techniques, communications, first aid, further training on now shooting yourself in the foot, crime prevention, and physical restraint techniques. The Civilian Job equivalent would be a police officer.

For a long time I have wanted to join something in the Navy because my Dad told me stories about when he was in the Navy, and it sounded freaking awesome. I have never really left the state of Missouri, so the ability to travel for free appeals to me. Plus, free college sounds pretty radical.
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Archer Lundy

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