Who am I? David De LA Riva

Table Of Contents

  1. Who did I think I was before entering this class?
  2. My CIS results
  3. What careers from my results interest me?
  4. Education requirements
  5. My schooling options I am willing to consider
  6. What companies I would like to consider working for

Who I thought I was before entering this class

When I first entered this class I already knew what I wanted to do, it was in the middle of summer is when I learned what I actually wanted to do for as a career. But when I first entered this class I was a little on the fence on certain things like If I should practice Programming which was very difficult for me or look at something else I really wanted to look at which was financing and business engagement kind of stuff where I am very willing sit down learn how to do because that stuff really interests me and when I saw my CIS results it help solidify that.

My CIS Result

Career Cluster results

With these results something stuck out to me. Finance, business management and administration were my top two and information technology dropped to my third. The last time (which was 2 years ago) I took this test Finance was my second while information technology was my first

Careers from my results that interest me

Two careers that really stuck out to me was accounting and auditing because management and organization are two things I really like do and when saw this two It really stuck out to me

Education Requirements

Education requirements (at a glace) needed to be a Accountant or a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is: High School Diploma, 5 year 150 credit-hour accounting program, have experience as an accountant, ( you get this by usually shadowing a CPA and or internships) Then passing the CPA Exam which is If you want to be a CPA plus 30 hours study in accounting.

Schooling Options

Since money will be a big factor for me I will stay in state, So Boise State University has all the classes and programs needed to help me further my pursuit in this career other than that ISU and U of I are the only other schools that have most of the classes that I need but don't offer the classes I want to take so with that note I will most likely be going to BSU because of the all the classes they offer compared to others


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