Appearance: He wears a coat and a hood that's green. Peacock feathered arrows. He has a brown face like a nut, mighty bow and hand, sword and shield by his side. A metal of Saint Christopher, silver on his chest and a horn hanging from a belt of bright green.

Transportation: He traveled by a well fed and nurtured horse.

Wealth: He has nice weapons and a horse so he is expected to have a good amount of wealth.

Rank: He was in the middle class but he has a good amount of wealth.

Morals: He has excellent morals. He also works with the knight.

Job: He was a very good forester, servant and friend to the knight. Keep hunting trips at the knights castle going great and fought besides knight.

Other facts: He has nice clothes and a nice burnished horn, and was also good friend with the knight. He has a position with higher classes. Being friends with the knight, brings perks like position, moral influence and eventually higher classes. Excellent at hunting because he had robin hood like skills.


Baldrick: Belt slung over the shoulder and chest to hold a sword

Dirk: Long dagger

Yeoman: A man holding and cultivating a small landed estate; a freeholder. A servant in a royal

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