Hurricanes Lucia, Jackie, Adrian, Nicholas

Have you every been in a hurricane or seen one on television? Then you know how dangerous they are. On this page you will learn how hurricanes form, how to stay safe in a hurricane, how long hurricanes last, and finally the damage of a hurricane.

How Hurricanes Form

By ADrian

Have you ever heard about how hurricanes form? Well this is going to tell you. First according to hurricanes form from ocean waters of 82 degrees. Secondly, hurricanes form like this: 1 thunderstorm,2 tropical winds, 3 Tropical storm, and then hurricanes hits land. Finally, hurricanes form in the summer and fall because the ocean is hotter. All in all hurricanes form in warm weather. Next you will learn how to stay safe in hurricane.

How to stay safe in a Hurricane

By Lucia

There are many ways to stay safe in a hurricane. If you are ever in a hurricane here are some ways to stay safe. First, always have a first aid kit ready in case somebody gets hurt. Another way to stay safe is do not drive after a hurricane. It may be hard with all the fallen down trees. According to “Wiz Kids”, a third way to stay safe is to stay away from all windows and skylight because the glass could shatter and hurt you. Finally, “Wiz Kids” states that, if you are outside during a hurricane knock on a neighbor's door and turn off electricity, it can start a fire. As you can see there are many ways to stay safe in a hurricane. Continue reading to find out how long hurricanes last.

How long do Hurricanes Last?


If you're ever in a hurricane and you want to know how long you will have to hide,than here are some facts on how long a hurricane last!If you live farther from the coastline, than your most likely to get a small hurricane, a small hurricane last about a week and goes to about 100 mph and aren't as strong, but if you live near the coastline than you're going to get one of the huge hurricanes that last about a month or less and go to about 400 mph which that hurricane can destroy tons of houses and buildings.For the people that live near the Atlantic Ocean you guys must be careful during June and November because that's when hurricane season starts. A hurricane can start when the air/wind above the ocean gets too hot over the ocean surface.When a hurricane hits land it begins to lose energy but when it's above the ocean it has a lot of energy because it gathers water and the water helps it get stronger. When the air on top of the ocean surface starts getting colder instead of getting hotter that's when you know that the hurricane is coming to an end. Oh and that reminds me that this is coming to an end so if you are ever in a hurricane now you will know how long it will last and also if you are in a hurricane here's some facts about the damage it does.

Hurricane Affects

by Nicholas kakehi

Have you ever wondered what happens after a hurricane strikes? Continue reading to find out! Hurricanes have heavy rains and high winds and make storm surge. Storm surge is when the ocean level rises at at the coast line. Hurricanes also affect the economy because they blow down trees, damages homes, start floods, and landslides. The government and people pay to fix these things. states that Hurricane Katrina cost $108 billion. The next time when a hurricane strikes you know the effects of the hurricane.

Hopefully you have learned more about hurricanes. Specifiaclly about how hurricanes form,how to stay safe,how long they last,and the damage it does. now the next time you're in a hurricane you will know what to do and be prepared for when a hurricane hits.


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