The New Americans Campaign By: tonino solimine

The New Americans Campaign is a nonpartisan, groundbreaking national network of legal-service providers, faith-based organizations, businesses, foundations and community leaders that is paving a better road to citizenship.

After visiting the New Americans Campaign I was able to understand the process the immigrants who migrate to the United States have to go through in order to try and become a United States Citizen. The process is long and detailed, there are many forms that need to be filled out and it is sometimes difficult for the people filling out the forms to understand everything they have to fill out.

The US citizenship application process is very long and intensive. There are many needed forms of documentation in order for your application to be completed. When I visited the New Americans Campaign for the firs time, I was able to see how many things were needed for each applicant to have a completed file. Some files had over 100 pages of information. They were also post dated for a year, which made me realize how long the process really is and how stressful it could be for the applicants.
The New Americans Campaign is located all around the nation in order to help immigrants become citizen. There is currently offices in 18 cities across the nation.

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