Prometheus A god from greek mythology

First we will speak about Prometheus's siblings and parents. Prometheus belongs to the titan generation and his parents were lapetus and Clymene. Prometheus's siblings were epimetheus, atlas, and menoetius. His spouse was Asia and his offspring were Deucalion and aidos.

Prometheus was the god of forethought, meaning he never made a decision without considering it's possible consequences. This helped him realize that Zeus would ultimately be victorious in the titanomachy, the battle between olympians and titans.

In Greek mythology Prometheus was credited with making the first human males out of clay. He was so fond of humans that he was willing to displease Zeus to make life easier for humans. He also stole fire from the gods to give to humans so they can prosper. He was punished by Zeus by chaining Prometheus to a mountain and having an eagle peck out his liver everyday. Zeus also punished humans by making pandora and pandora's jar.

Prometheus was eventually saved by Heracles who killed the eagle and unchained him. Zeus invited Prometheus to live on mount olympous. Zeus gave him a ring beset with a chunk of rock from the mountain he was on.

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