Villains Sanctuary

Ramsey Bolton. I feel like I've been talking about this guy for ever. Ive thoroughly enjoyed analyzing and coming to a better understanding of who this character truly is. Yet my job this time, has taken a more interesting turn in building a sanctuary for such a dynamic villain like Ramsey. My sanctuary will be built through the use of Minecraft. A device that honestly at first I thought was ridiculous and kind of stupid. Blinded by my initial ignorance I didn't see it's potential. Where today In reflection I will focus on the habits of mind of openness and engagement in relation to building my future master peace and how Minecraft allows this to occur.

In the world of George R.R. Martens Westeros we can see anything from dragons to ice zombies. One of the aspects that makes the show so good is that certain portions are realistic to history and others are pure fantasy. For one of Martins main antagonists, Ramsey Bolton we don't really see a set sanctuary or permanent home for our villain as we've seen from others notoriously through history. Certain place like the Dreadfort or Winterfell might fulfill such a place. Yet Ramsey is always kind of on the move not staying in any place for too long. So in my dismay of creating what I would believe to be the perfect villainous home for Ramsey, I displayed openness. I want to give him a sanctuary that is constant with the ones that are shown on Game of Thrones, but at the same time I want to allow for my own creative twist. By displaying openness towards all of these variables I have decided to create a hybrid of the three, while also engaging in my research and displaying what I have learned about Ramsey bolton.

The Dreadfort

I have decided that my sanctuary will be built as somewhat of a model of "Castle Poenari", or the fortress of Vlad the Impailer (Tourist in Romania). Through openness, mixing all of my idea's together I though that in relation to this project it would make sense for me to base Ramsey's sanctuary off of the home of the real life character he is based off of.

Ramsey might share many villainous parallels and traits as talked about in my research paper. Yet there is no denying that their homes, aside from being castles look very different. I like the idea of basing this castle off of a mountain side like vlads, also with similar steps creeping up the mountain side in the picture. Yet in terms of engagement from a fan's perspective recreating Castle Poenari would not be very relevant in terms of what we see in the show and read about in the books. In terms of the show and historical engagement it is important for me to include aspects from both sides. Therefore if possible I am going to try and make the castle reside off of a mountain side with snow on it. As all of Ramsey's fortresses have resided in the North. Also I might try and create more of a castly look that is common with those common in the Northern portion of Westoro's, perhaps with a more ominous look. Next in terms of the interior it is very important that Ramsey has his torture chamber. This will be placed in the last level in the castle and is the most important part. It is also very important that everything in the castle is very neat like Ramsey likes it. From there a common room and perhaps a bedroom are the next dimensions on the list, along with weapons and trophies throughout the castle. Which must also be kept neat and orderly. Thankfully Minecraft will make all of this possible for me. The castle will not be built directly to any particular scale and I plan on using youtube videos to create at least an outline for my virtual castle. I have really enjoyed using this great tool so far this semester and am very eager to see how far this next project will take me.

I look forward to creating this sanctuary and further practicing openness and engagement to really create a creative and well thought out home for this villain. As when I start I know that more idea's will continue to flow.

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