VSCO App Expert

VSCO is a very good photography app. It has many filters and it has many adjusting points. It has a lot of options for colors. I like this app because it gives you options and adjusting points. Then I like it because it is easy to understand and easy to remember how to do things.
The Pros of this app are: There are a lot of filters to chose from; a lot of adjusting points; it is easy to understand how to edit things; you can see other pictures that other people have taken; easy to save the pictures to your camera roll.
The Cons of this app are: Confusing on how to get to editing; you have to buy some filters; your account isn't private; you have an account and people could stalk you.
I used the VSCO app on my framing picture. This is Jaden Brand through a pipe that I found outside.
This is Randy Van Kooten's new pond. The sun was setting and the reflection of the trees came up onto the water.

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