PRG is an invented company created in 2016 in Girona, Spain, completely directed by 10 passionate university students. The firm's main purpose is to provide IT and robotics workshops to the youth (8-18 years old) and the elderly (from 65 years on).

Please notice that PRG is a project developed by Daniel Padilla Vivas - here in the team - as part of the business course he took at high school. However, the social media strategy was poorly promoted; therefore, this page will serve to fulfill the social media needs that PRG is lacking.


The goal of this paper is to provide a clear direction in order to implement the social media strategy for PRO-ROBÒTIC GIRONA, S.L. The board of directors of the company, here represented as Daniel Padilla Vivas, María Patricia Grau Blanco and Somya Nigam, has decided to set the following goals, which shall be fulfilled by the end of this Plan (first three months following the beginning of the activity of the Company, that is, by 08/01/2017):

1) To create an online community among our current customers so as to improve the interaction from the team with them.

2) To develop a specialized public online forum (Q&A) that will be available in our website that will allow the communication of our actual and potential customers.

3) To actively keep our community updated through weekly-summary videos of the activities performed.

4) To develop an RSS web feed that will allow both current and prospective customers to be automatically updated once they are subscribed.

The above-mentioned goals shall be specified in the forthcoming paragraphs. Furthermore, several control and evaluation mechanisms shall be used in order to guarantee that the quality and deadlines are achieved correctly.


At present, PRO-ROBÒTIC GIRONA counts with a website that contains 9 sections:

1) A general home page.

2) A “who are we?” page.

3) A description of the workshops.

4) Time-tables for the workshops.

5) A news tab.

6) Contact information.

7) Different plug-ins, including those for Facebook and Twitter.

8) A promotional video.


PRG will create an internal moodle for all current students and professors, who will be assigned a username and a password in order to access it. This feature will enable an exclusive and dynamic communication among the users, who may take advantage of the following:

1) A contact list for each class, which will include the email address of the students and professor (the latter shall also offer his cell number).

2) A contact list of the whole management body and other staff members.

3) All the materials used in class and other content that the professor may upload during the week.

4) Access to exclusive offers (conferences, discounts…) that the Company may post.

For this specific goal, it is expected that 20% of our customers will use the internal moodle on a weekly basis, and 30%, on a monthly basis.

The control mechanisms that shall be implemented in order to achieve the goal are the following:

1) Monthly surveys carried out among 5% of the students (each time, different ones) that will provide qualitative feedback. This will include the likes, dislikes or changes that they would make, for instance.

2) Actual traffic tracking for each week of the users made by the managing body. Google Analytics will be chosen for the purpose.

The programme used will be Moodle, and shall be acquired / downloaded no later than 15/10/2016.


A public online forum will be provided in the website for internal students and external people interested in joining the academy. The forum will consist of a Q&A interactive platform - developed as a section for the website (Webnode allows so) - where people will post their doubts, feelings, experiences… and others will react to them.

The forum will work following these steps:

1) The users will access the “Forum” section in the website. They will be able to see all the posts without an account.

2) If they wish to participate in a discussion or rise a question, they will just have to enter their personal email, and, after accepting the confirmation email that the company would send (plus a password), they would finally be able to participate in it.

The objectives of this forum will be the following:

1) To reply all the questions before one day - two if they are posted during the weekend.

2) To moderate discussions and erase all offensive or politically incorrect questions or answers.

The control measures so as to achieve the objectives shall consist of daily tracking of the activity (conversations, number of participants…) from at least one member of the management body.


PRO-ROBÒTIC GIRONA will be actively communicating its weekly activities among all users through summary-video sharing. Therefore, each week the company will be recording parts of its daily life in a one-to-two minutes video and which will be made available in the website and in the Youtube channel.

The videos may contain several issues, from whom we can highlight:

1) Interviews with professors and / or tech-public figures.

2) Activities performed by students at the workshops.

3) Interesting facts or breakthroughs that may have happened.

The programme proposed to edit the videos is iMovies (from Apple). The control measures will consist of feedback extracted from the videos (comments, number of likes and views, etc.) as well as the commitment to keep on recording the several activities from the company.


PRO-ROBÒTIC GIRONA will count with an RSS web that will provide instant updates to those people (both internal or external users) interested in the activity of the company. For this purpose, customers willing to join will have to enter their email address in a box that shall be created in the top-right part of the website and accept the terms and conditions. Once it is done, a monthly newsletter shall be sent to them with all the information.

The newsletter will contain all important events that have taken or will take place at the company, including:

1) Summary of the classes and progress done by each group.

2) Personal interviews to professors, management team or students.

3) Discounts and other special offers that may occur.

4) Future activities that are to take place in the academy.

5) Breakthroughs in the IT and robotics world.

The control protocol that will be followed shall be focused on surveys at the end of the newsletter. They will enable the readers to rate the content (likes, dislikes…), the effectiveness of the communication platform and give their personal and anonymous opinion (what they would change, add, etc.).


PRG believes that the four goals selected are attainable, feasible and fruitful for the company, essentially at the starting point in which it finds itself. By implementing the measures in the first three months, the firm will count with sound pillars for the future development in the IT field, as well as with a growing and dynamic online community of interconnected students.

Created By
Maria Patricia Grau


Pictures taken by Daniel Padilla Vivas

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