SV 307 Noise Monitoring Station

The next generation of Monitoring Stations. Now with MEMS microphones!

SV 307 is a new Noise Monitoring Station dedicated for permanent noise monitoring. The SV 307 integrates Class 1 sound level meter with a modem in the removable waterproof housing. The SV 307 is equipped with a new MEMS microphone with a life-time warranty.

Meet the next generation of Noise Monitoring Station

SV 307 - User Guide

SV 307 - Key Features

The SV 307 is designed for permanent noise monitoring, it has been equipped with a patented double self-system check: an inbuilt reference sound source producing 100dB at 1 kHz plus real-time check based on reference microphone.

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What’s inside the SV307 kit?

The SV307 is an integrated Noise Monitoring Station which means that the sound level meter has been integrated with a 3G modem and outdoor enclosure. The waterproof power supply is also provided for continuous operation in the field. Each SV307 has its factory calibration certificate and 36-MONTHS WARRANTY CARD. The part of the kit is the new MEMS microphone with a lifetime warranty.

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