Hannah Kisker Autobiography

General Information

I was born in Greenville, South Carolina and currently 18 years young. I enjoy mission trips to places in desperate need (like this picture taken in Haiti). I also love music,animals, the outdoors,and strawberries.


Laugh more, stress less, be confident, FIND A MAJOR I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT, enjoy the little things in life, have all A's in my college career, work hard, make a lot of friends.


4th in my class since middle school, have made all A's for my entire academic career, captain for basketball, soccer, and competitive cheerleading, nominated player of the year for soccer, all region player, and first chair for violin.

Definition of Happiness

Happiness is temporary. It is a amazing emotion to feel but my main destination is joy. Making friends, laughing, adventures, and finding someone you can completely be your goofy, nutty, and entire self with.


I chose Clemson because of the high standard it has set and the overall atmosphere. Whenever I toured Clemson, it just felt right. I knew I would achieve an education that I would be proud of.

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