Online Reputations By: Reilly wolfinger

Online Reputations can either hurt you, or help you. That's why you guys need to think about which kind of social media you decide to get. If you decide to get Instagram, before you post anything or tell anyone you have social media, ask yourself if you want to be private or public. If you ask yourself that question, it could help your reputation a lot. If you want to be public, don't post anything stupid on your account because your parents or friends could see it and send it to other people and it could be taken in the wrong way or offend someone. But if you decide to have a private account, make sure you know the people that request to follow you.
I have accidentally let someone follow me by accident because I wasn't thinking and they were an inappropriate account. So one time, my mom had my phone and she somehow got into it and Instagram was pulled up on my phone and she saw what they posted and I got in a little bit of trouble, but I told her I didn't mean for them to follow me. I was in a hurry and she understood me, but I was still grounded for some reason. So, whatever kind of social media you guys decide to get, THINK before you do anything like have someone follow you. Make sure you know whatever you post, doesn't go away even though you deleted it. It's always going to be there.
Online Reputations need to be secure and kept a secret because there can be really creepy people and they can find information about you and somehow make contact with you. If you post something that you're with a friend and tag them at the mall or at any kind of store, you're kind of putting you and your friend in some kind of danger because some people could track you guys down or do whatever. So wherever you are, just remember that people are watching you and they could be near you, but you should be super careful.


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