Our American Adventure By: seth, zach, zuri

On our trip we will be going to Charleston, South Carolina, NYC, New York, and Boston, Massachusetts.

In Charleston we will visit Fort Sumter on Sunday, April 2nd. This was where the Civil War started. The first shots between the Union and Confederates happened at Fort Sumter.

On Monday, April 3rd we will visit The Charleston Museum. One of the Declaration of Independence signers lived in this house in Charleston. His name was Thomas Hayward Jr. THe Declaration of Independence is significant to our country because it contains the goals of our nation, the complaints, and the arguments of the colonists living of the British rule.

After our trip to Charleston we will visit NYC, New York.

Our first site on our list to see in New York is the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty symbolizes the freedom of America and because of the friendship with France. It stands for the desire of liberty and freedom.

On Friday, April 7th we will go to Old North Church. Old North Church is the longest surviving church in Boston. On the eve of the revolution they held official positions which were held by the British King.

We will also see the Paul Revere House on the same day. The house said to be owned by Paul Revere who was the one who would let the soldiers know if the British were coming. He helped in the war, he was also the person known for drawing a picture of the Boston Massacre. He felt that the soldiers were strongly at fault.

This was a picture of the Boston,Massacre.

Finally after we have ended “Our American Adventure” we will head back to our Old Kentucky Home.

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