DIY Spark Website V2 Easy to Setup | Simple to Use | Looks Fantastic...

A Nerds DIY Spark Website will allow you to use Adobe Spark Pages to create an easy to manage fully functional website.

Nerds DIY Spark Website V2

Version 2 has a completely redesigned look and many new features!

  • Use up to 10 Spark Pages.
  • Use Your Own Company Logo.
  • Popular Social Network Links Available (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Behance, Dribble).
  • Call Icon Link Available.
  • Email Icon Link Available.
  • Page Titles for Tabs.
  • Insert Your Company Name.
  • Use ANY Hosting Service.
  • Use YOUR OWN Domain Name.

Setup is Easy!

  • Unzip the "Nerds DIY Website V2.zip" file that you received from Nerds
  • Replace the logo.png file in the img folder with your own logo. Your logo must be named "logo" and a png image file.
  • Open the "configuration.xml" file using any plain text editor and enter your information in the areas shown below and save the changes
  • Upload the folders & files from the .zip file to your hosting service
Enter your information in the yellow areas only

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact Nerds... Visit our website at www.nerdssoftware.ca or email us at nerds@nerdssoftware.com

Created By
Robert Pritchard