The Renaissance By : Alicia Thao

Marco Polo and The silK Road

The Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance by letting traders travel throughout Asia. "They once again made the roads safer for travelers and traders" (Holt, 299). Since this has happened Marco Polo took the Silk Road to travel throughout Asia and met the Mangols Emperor. Later on he decided to go back to Europe and told a writer about everything he did. At first no one believed him, eventually they began to trust him. Since this has happened trade between Asia and Europe became popular.

Left: Marco Polo Top Right: Marco Polo's Trade Route Bottom Right: Marco Polo

Italian trade cities

Medici Family

Top right : Artwork some painters created during the renaissance. Top left : Architecture made during the renaissance. Bottom right : Banking during the renaissance. Bottom left : Education to people.

Rediscovering the past

Greek and Roman classical ideas helped spark the Renaissance by its ancient writing and art. The Renaissance either based or changed art from Greek and Roman classical ideas. During the time of the Renaissance literature became popular from Ancient Greek and Roman writing that was lost. "Since Europeans thought these writings had been lost forever, they were excited by their return and began looking for ancient text in Latin" (Document 3 ). People began looking through the writings to see their old culture and remade this culture differently. The Renaissance began in different ways.

Ancient Greek Art

Ancient Greek Writing

Ancient Romam writing

Ancient roMan art

LeOnardo da vInci

Leonardo Da Vinci was provided with little education when he was younger. When he was fourteen he became more familiar with himself and got into art. He began training with Andrea di Cione for his paintings. Later on he started to creat artworks and became one of the best artist during the Renaissance.

These were Leonardo Da Vinci's most known paintings. Left : The Last Supper Right : The Mona Lisa


This video showed and explained some of Da Vinci's most known work. It also explained about how he started off before he became a painter.

Paper and printing

Top and Bottom Left: How difficult it was to use a printing press/movable type. Bottom Right: Words were written backwards to make sense when we see the finished look. Top Right: A monk using a printing press.

The printing press had a huge impact on education. This came from Asia then became popular to Europe. Monks rewrote the Bible using the printing press so everyone could understand what it says. Because the Bible became more popular more people began to learn how to read and demanded for more books and education.

Renaissance writing William ShakeSPearE

Shakespeare's writings reflected the ideas of humanism because he made many writings that became popular during the Renaissance. Humanism is believing everyone as individuals on their decisions in life. "The following passage reflects the Renaissance idea that each human being is important" (Holt 317). Shakespeare changed the value of every person's life. "Eversince, people have enjoyed the beauty of Shakespeare's language and his understanding of humanity" (Holt 317). Shakespeare's work was written vernacular which made his work popular and connecting with people all over the world with his writings. All together, Shakespeare made a huge impact on literature that still effects us today.

"What greater punishment is there than life when you've lost everything that made it worth living" -Shakespeare ✨

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