Outdoor fun!

This week we had outdoor free time where we played with a football, jumpropes, hula hoops, soccer balls and wiffle ball catchers. We were so grateful for the nice weather!


We played dodgeball in the mainroom this week. We even played counselors vs. campers, where the counselors won one game and then the campers won one. We also played board games, hang man and with the marble run. On Friday we played spider soccer where you had to stay on your bottom and walk like a spider to get the ball. The teams made many strategies like wall watcher who stayed close to the wall to protect it!

Club day!

On Wednesday, we tried out something new! After schoolers had the opportunity to pick between wo clubs: gymnastics club and soccer club. In soccer club, they played a game on the field. They even took a team picture. Inside, the gymnastics club stretched, practiced different moves and then had free time to practice gymnastics on the mats. We were inspired to take a team picture as well! We will be changing up our clubs on Wednesdays, so there will be many different activities to participate in each week.

Arts and crafts

Our crafts this week took the form of bugs! On Monday we made paper chains into caterpillars with pipe cleaner antennae. It was fun seeing each child pick out different colors to make their colorful caterpillars. On Tuesday, we made butterflies! With coffee filters, we colored a circle in the middle on the filter, folded it and placed the point of the filter in a cup of water. The filter began to soak up our water and spread the color out onto the rest of the filter. Once the color had spread, we let them dry and then formed them into butterflies! We even added some string to hang them so they looked like they were truly flying. We also made bug pictures with plastic lifesize bugs!

Food Craft

On Wednesday, we made our own bagel pizzas for snack. All of the ingredients were set up outside. Out bagel pizza topping options were sauce, cheese, olives and pepperoni. After they baked in the oven, we enjoyed eating them on the patio in the warm sun.

Friday Movie!

This Friday we had a movie day! We watched The Bee Movie to end out insect week! We had a "happy fry-day" snack of fries too!


If your child is signed up for Waterdevils, please be aware that Waterdevils is not a Marinwood program, so you will need to let me know of any changes in times and dates of practice. Thank you!

Lost and Found: Please check the lost and found for your child's belongings when you pick them up at the end of the day.

Next Week

Next week's theme is Fantasy Week. Each day will be a different fantastic theme! Get ready to be sorted into your Hogwarts house, make small gnome and fairy doors, and create crowns fit for a queen and king!

Have a great weekend!

Angela Owens

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