Thirteen Reason Why Presented by Alicia Tobias

About the Author

Jay Asher was born in California on September 30, 1975 and got married to his wife Joan Marie on September 7, 2002. He has published two books to date, Thirteen Reasons Why 2007 and The Future of Us in 2011. He also 41 years old.

The setting of the story takes place in Crestmont.

The main character is Clay Jason, He is a curious and shy character and anti-social. Also he liked Hannah Baker but was too shy to talk to say anything to her.

The Second Character is Hannah Baker, Is a girl who took her own life. She left voice recordings of herself of reasons why she took her own life. In her voice recordings I feel like we would be good friend someone weird and funny.

About The Story

The story is about when Clay Jensen comes home from school and finds a shoe box on his porch. He opens the box and finds 13 tapes with numbers written with nail polish. When he plays the first tape he hear someone and it Hannah Baker. When he was listening he was wondering why Hannah Baker was talking but she's dead. When playing the tapes Hannah said that each tape is a one reason why she took her life and that the 13th person should died and is the main reason why she died. Through each tape Clay listened Hannah tells her side of each of the story.

What I liked/Disliked

I thought the book was interesting and I felt like in the book I was getting to know Hannah Baker and I felt bad for her and I could image what she went through. Also I felt like the only bad thing about the book was that I kept getting confused about who's speaking. Throughout the book he learns more about some people and discovers thing that could change his life.

Author message

I kinda don't know the message but there a quote in the book " You can't change stop the future. You can't rewind the past. The only way to learn the secret is to press play."

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